About Us


How our dream started

Capital Integral Charitable Foundation (CICF) is a local Ottawa charity that was started in 2018  by Erin Horowitz and Dan Fried. Our founders wanted to find a way that the Capital Integral Group of Companies could give back to the community that had given so much to them.


CICF was thus born and the search for like-minded Board members began. We are pleased to report that our Board now consists of a group of motivated and resourceful people who are excited to be part of such an amazing organization.

We live in a great community and our goal is to help improve the lives of those who live in and around the Ottawa area. Every 3 years, we will decide on a different segment of our community to help. We believe this will allow us to touch many different groups in our region.


Our first partnership was to support the 24 Hours at Tremblant in Dec 2019.  With the help of some excellent sponsors and dedicated staff, we raised $70,000 for children’s charities through this fun and exciting event.


This year and for the next 3 years, we are very excited and proud to be helping raise funds for the School Breakfast Program in partnership with The Ottawa Network for Education. 


Children can not learn when hungry. Concentration is difficult, processing information is slower and general discomfort all comes from not starting the day with a nutritious breakfast. 

Our goal is to raise $100,000.00 yearly. That would mean our donors and sponsors will have provided 100,000 meals to hungry children.  We will be raising this money through our very generous Children's Champions,  who have readily supported this cause, as well as through different and fun events throughout the year.  Every little bit helps us so please spread the word and give what you can.


Thank You Sponsors


Meet Our Team

Kevin Darling


Originally from the Ottawa Valley and having spent about a third of his career in the Ottawa area, Kevin has a real connection with Ottawa and the surrounding area. Having lived in 18 communities both in Canada and internationally over his 40+ year career in financial services, Kevin has been an active supporter, Board member and advocate of charities in each of those communities.   Since retiring from his Vice President role with RBC in late 2019, he now spends his time working with a number of business owners in an advisory role and dedicating more of his time to charities.

Dan Fried


Dan Fried, RCM, CSM is the CEO of Capital Integral Property Management and Ottawa Maintenance Solutions.  Dan has been involved in the community for many years, most notably with his role with the Angels of Hope, where 2.2 million was raised over 3 years for brain tumour research.   Dan is actively involved with Habitat for Humanity and many other local causes.

Lisa Callahan


Lisa Callahan joined Capital Integral Property Management in 2017 as a receptionist and has since advanced to her current roles of Property Administrator, Compliance Officer, and Health and Safety Chairperson.  In 2020 Lisa joined the Capital Integral Charitable Foundation Board of Directors as the CIPM Employee Representative.  As a current member on a number of boards and committees in Ottawa, including the Ottawa Choral Society, and Italian Week Ottawa, Lisa loves to give back to the community and is thrilled to help CICF better the lives of children in the area.

Yawar Khan


Yawar Khan, RCM is the Chief Operating Officer at Capital Integral Property Management.  Throughout his career, Yawar has been involved in philanthropy with such organizations as the Ottawa Civic Hospital, the Ottawa General Hospital, the Ottawa Hospital as well as the Master of Health Administration Alumni Association.  He has helped in developing fundraising campaigns, organizing special events, and donor relations activities.

Nadia Freeman


Nadia Freeman, ACCI is Vice President of Operations at Capital Integral Property Management.

Nadia has been involved with empowering children with life learning skills by teaching them the passion of sports especially tennis and running.  Nadia has been involved in various community and medical fundraisers.

Becky Aiken


Becky Aiken is the Office Manager at Capital Integral Property Management. Becky joined CICF in 2019 with the goal to help children within Ottawa to thrive and reach their full potential. She is actively involved in fundraising efforts throughout the year to raise money to support and contribute to children's physical and mental well-being.  Becky brings a love for organization and a tireless work ethic to our cause.

Erin Horwitz


Erin was born and raised in the Ottawa Area. Erin has been involved with the CI Charity Foundation since its inception and over the years has volunteered with a number of different organizations. She was a volunteer with the TROT, therapeutic riding, program, ran and organized several cancer fundraising events at her local highschool and volunteered with the Ottawa annual Easter Seals family sail and BBQ.  While attending post secondary at Wilfrid Laurier University in Waterloo Ontario she became involved with KidsAbility Centre from Child Development. After University Erin returned to Ottawa where she became involved as a volunteer with Ottawa Children’s Treatment Centre.


Thank you to our wonderful partners at Ottawa Network for Education