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ESTABLISHED IN 2018, the Capital Integral Charitable Foundation (CICF) was born out of a deep-rooted

desire to give back to the community that had supported and nurtured the Capital Integral Group of Companies.

With a vision of making a positive difference, CICF embarked on a mission to help children in our community through its impactful initiatives. From its inception, CICF sought to assemble a dedicated and like-minded board of directors who shared a passion for helping their community. The Foundation was fortunate to find a group of motivated and resourceful individuals who were prepared to use their networks to raise money for the betterment of the lives of children in the Ottawa area. Together, they formed an extraordinary team committed to driving change and making a lasting impact.

The Foundation's approach to giving, involves partnering with different groups within the community to address their unique needs and challenges. This collaborative strategy allows CICF to expand its impact while keeping its primary focus of impacting the lives of children.

The initial partnership for CICF was its participation in the 24 Hours at Tremblant event in December 2019. With the support of generous sponsors and dedicated staff, the Foundation raised an impressive $70,000 for children's charities. This exciting event not only raised much-needed funds but also brought together individuals from various backgrounds who shared a common goal of improving the lives of children in need.

The CICF Board made the strategic decision to focus their efforts on a single charity that had an immediate impact on the children in our communities. This resulted in a significant 3 year commitment to The Ottawa Network for Education (ONFE). The ONFE partnership focuses specifically on raising funds for the School Breakfast Program, which plays a vital role in ensuring that children start their day with proper nutrition. Recognizing the undeniable connection between nutrition and education, CICF's board members, many of whom are parents or have children who attended schools in Ottawa, understand the immense value of supporting this program.

The importance of a nutritious breakfast for children cannot be overstated. Hunger can impede concentration, slow information processing, and cause general discomfort, hindering a child's ability to learn effectively. CICF aimed to raise a minimum of $75,000 annually for the School Breakfast Program, which would translate to at least 75,000 meals provided to hungry children. Particularly in the current environment, where the demand for breakfasts has increased and COVID guidelines have led to higher food handling costs, the support for this program has become more urgent than ever. Despite some of our fundraising efforts being restricted by COVID, we are proud that over the past three years we have raised a total of $225,000.00. We are pleased to announce that our Board has approved the extension of this support to the Breakfast Program for an addition two years.

At CICF we continue to look for other ways to impact the lives of children in our area and will be announcing some new initiatives in the coming months.

CICF recognizes that every contribution, no matter how small, makes a difference. As such we are very diligent at ensuring the maximum amount possible of the funds raised get into the hands of the people in need, to date we are averaging over $0.80 per $1 donated getting directly ot those in need. By supporting CICF you are part of a movement that enriches the lives of vulnerable children and strengthens the fabric of the community as a whole.

To Find out more about how you can help visit our website or contact Dan Fried (President) at

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